The Baloch News presents her exclusive interview to the readers about her experiences and observations towards Baloch society. The Baloch News Team member AK Baloch conducted the interview.

AK: Tell us something about yourself.

Hani: I am Hani. I am born, brought up and based in Bahrain.

AK: What is your academic qualification?

Hani: I have been a science student in school. After school, I did a diploma in “Business” and after that “professional accountancy” but at this point in my life, I want to study arts.

AK: What inspires you to make art?

Hani: Balochistan.

AK: What themes do your art reflect?

Hani: Mostly the sufferings. They show and portrays the sufferings of human souls.

AK: Whose art and work you admire the most and why?

Hani: I admire Pablo Picasso not because of what he painted but because what he said. His ideology has inspired me in many ways. Some of his quotes I feel have been kind of a turning point in my art. Such as “Painting is not made to decorate the apartment. It is an offensive, defensive weapon against the enemy.” “Everything you can imagine is real.” “Art is a lie that makes us realize truth.”

AK: What’s the last book you read & what was it about?

Hani: I can’t recall what the last book I was read it has been a while now. I used to read a lot before I started painting but I may mention one of the books that I read and it will always be close to my heart “Love in a Torn Land”: Joanna of Kurdistan: True Love Story of a Freedom Fighter’s escape from Iraq.

AK: Do you make a living of your art?

Hani: Financially, not at all but I started believing that I am born to do art? Art is what keeps me alive.

AK: Is there any element of art you enjoy working the most?

Hani: Honestly, I don’t know any element of art nor I find it strange. I find peace and I am lost in whatever art I am doing.

AK: What lessons do we get from your art?

Hani: I make art to express the hidden feelings in my being. The feelings that can’t be expressed with words or the feelings that I myself don’t know that I have but the colors always succeed bringing them live. When I share my art on social media, I don’t want the viewers to know or learn what I felt while making it. I want my viewers to relate their own stories; their own feelings with the art. When my viewers relate their own stories and feelings in my art and start believing the art expresses their feelings and it is made for them that’s when I believe I am successful in conveying the lesson I have in my art.

AK: How does your work highlight current social or political issues?

Hani: My art does not highlight the social and political issues in any way.

AK: Do your arts reflect Baloch society and its culture?

Hani: My art do not reflect Baloch Society. I don’t do art to highlight neither the society nor the culture but it does reflect the culture at some point. I do art to reflect the suffering of Baloch people in Balochistan.

AK: Most of the Baloch women keep themselves away from social networking sites, but you seem active, why so?

Hani: I believe in today’s world if the Baloch women and men have access to the Internet, they all are on social media. However, I am publically very active on social media. This is just because of my art. I want to share my art to my people and to the world. Social Media is the best platform to reach the public in masses in just a few clicks.

AK: You have become an Instagram sensation among the Baloch youth. How do you feel?

Hani: I feel very happy and blessed. I also feel I am respected for what I do and for who I am. My art is being loved and inspiring a lot of people out there.

AK: You have been posting everyday stuffs on Instagram, but at the same time you avoid showing yourself in the videos, any reason?

Hani: I am on social media to share my art and give my message and if I am able to do both without showing myself, it is good enough I guess. I want people to concentrate on what I am showing them and what I am trying to say. I don’t want my face to be center of the attraction. Though I don’t mind showing myself, I guess one day I will have to do that but till then let’s keep it this way.

AK: How do you want your fans and viewers to judge your work?

Hani: Once I share my art works on social media, I don’t want the viewer to judge it the way I want. I mostly share my work without giving it a caption just because I don’t want to limit it with what I think of it. I set it free. People judge it the way they want to.

AK: What role does the chosen medium (materials you use) play in your work?

Hani: I use acrylic and oil colors both. Sometimes individually, sometimes mixture of both and sometimes whatever is available.

AK: Whose arts and work influence you the most?

I have never been influenced by anyone’s art and work.

AK: Being an artist, how do you express your feelings about society?

Hani: Being an artist I don’t have any feelings about the society but I have something to say: ART is very important in any society and Art has no rules, please respect the language of art and respect the artists whatever they are trying to do with the talent they are blessed with, be it any form of art.  Barrier in art destroys the art. When an artist is set free, feels free only then they can make a difference in the world.

AK: Any message for your fans and viewers who admire your work?

Hani: Thanks to each and every one for your support; for the trust you all have in me and for the appreciation you all give me.  Keep them coming.

Thanks for sacrificing some of your precious time for us.

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