I never knew who Saeed Ullah Badini was. While scrolling down on social media, I saw a post that was “A student from Bolan Medical College abducted last night while he was preparing for MBBS final year.” I was panicked that I lost another brother of mine. The sad part is that he is a student, not a criminal nor terrorist.

Should I think that they always push us backward? Don’t we have the right to live peacefully? Parents work hard and sacrifice each and everything for their children to study as they want to see them as Doctors, engineers, artists, and lawyers instead of missing persons.

I can’t imagine the pain and sufferings of Saeed’s mother whose young son’s name has been put in the list of missing persons.

In case of Balochistan, it is not only Saeed’s mother who is waiting for his son, there are thousands of Baloch mothers who are waiting for their loved ones to return.

Nobody knows where Saeed Baloch is, whether he has eaten something or not. Does he know we are sleepless, restless and begging justice for him? When Dr. Deen Muhammad went missing, we were scared of talking about him thinking that we might go missing too. But Saeed you made us to speak and we couldn’t shut our mouth. We will not wait for our turn, we keep raising our voice and ask for justice. We can’t sit at home peacefully until and unless you return back.

It seems as if the humanity is dead and we are still in search of it.

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