University of Balochistan turned into a cheating hub during Bolan Medical College (BMC) entry test held today.

BMC conducts entry test for MBBS and BDS seats every year and thousands of students burn the mid night oil to get themselves prepared for the test as the available seats are very limited.

BMC entry test was well-known for its credibility and transparency, but this time the students have expressed serious reservations over the credibility of the test as the students were given free hand to cheat.

Right after the test, students took to social media to express their reservations and anger over the failure of the management.

While talking to The Baloch News Bahram Khalid said he was very much disappointed over the mismanagement of the authorities as BMC was the only institution which was known for merit.

“It was shocking to see the invigilators helping the students through internet and students continuously asked each other for the answers, but the examiners remained silent and did not bother to stop the students using unfair means of cheating”, said another student Naseem Rasheed.

NTS used to conduct BMC entry test for the last many years, however; this time HEC was offered the task, but the institution failed to ensure a fair and transparent test.

Baloch Students Action Committee (BSAC) has also raised concerns over the failure and slammed HEC for the misconduct. BSAC urged the authorities to take notice of the issue and save the future of the students.

It is heartbreaking that cheating has become an ever present issue in educational institutions nowadays and BMC was recognized for merit and credibility which compelled students to study day and night for the preparation of the entry test, but the mismanagement and failure of Higher Education Commission (HEC) has disappointed the students, putting their future at stake.

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