“I belong to a very conservative Baloch family where people don’t like working women. But my father didn’t follow in the same steps. Instead, he always advised us that education is more important than clothes and food so invest in it.

He encouraged us to get good education. I did my B.COM and then since all of my siblings are contributing to the family income, I joined the teaching profession.

The school which I joined was in a very bad condition, So much that no one was able to sit there. ITA (Idara Taleem-o-Aghai) helped us improve the condition of school.

I decorated my class all by myself. I felt so happy that finally I played my part in changing the lives of little angels. People often say that teaching is a very easy profession which is why girls go for it.

In reality, teaching a child is very difficult. You have to become a child just like them to teach them.”

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