Many seminars and workshops are being held for the sake of awareness. In every seminar and workshop, the trainers or sponsors try to bring something new that covers most of the world. From all these, there is a topic about which many of the seminars are conducted to promote or spread awareness to the audience-­­­that is career counselling.

Career counselling is one of the major issues that mostly student must face after their higher education, so these types of seminars are necessary to attend for the upcoming future. Some of our colleagues say that the career counselling must start from the early age not now because at this stage there is no time to decide that on which track to run your train. If we review the results of the students from recent years, many of them choose to run their train on a track, but in middle of their journey their train stops and some time the track ends before its destination. From the same year it is noticed that those whose career counselling started before the higher education, they reached their destination.

At the stage of higher education, many of students rushed to be counselled for their track so they start asking about the journey and the full scenarios of the track. It’s good to make yourselves aware for track but rather than enjoying all these scenarios, it’s better to enjoy them yourselves, because it makes you more creative and able to face the challenges and huddles. On the other hand, many questions arise in the minds of students, such as:

What I become after doing this?

Is there any scope?

Do I get a job after doing it?

Blah… blah…. Blah….

These questions make students’ mind inside box not let them out, but they must know that if they choose a track for their career than there is no third person to make them perfect and they must do it themselves.

In this era there are many consultants who ask you about your career counselling and open the map that from where you start, how you can speed up on your track and when to slow the train, after this they show you a helping hand after your destination. So many of you happily accept their offers, but you don’t know that it makes you a simple robot and does not let you be creative.

At last a simple suggestion for those who attend or conduct such kind of seminars, they must highlight their interest and show them that which track is matching with their interest and let them choose which track they want to go and give them a brief view about it. Also ask them that the scope is totally depended on them, not on the track. If you can’t guide them with their interest than kindly don’t ruin their lives. The students must know that scope is depended on them, if they choose a perfect track than there is scope otherwise there is no scope for them.

“Joyful moment is that in which your interest included.”

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