A budget of one hundred million has been allocated for the construction of Chakar Khan University in fiscal year 2016-17. However, the work on constructing university has not been started yet.

Baloch Students Action Committee (BSAC) issued a statement saying that the rulers in Balochistan are responsible for the backwardness of education in Balochistan as they have failed to take any concrete steps for the betterment of education sector.

The spokesperson said, one hundred million rupees have been approved for the construction of Chakar Khan University, unfortunately no practical steps have been taken in this regard which shows the obvious negligence of the present government towards education.

Baloch Students Action Committee termed such actions as anti-education.

The documents of ministry of Planning and Development revealed that the budget for construction of a University in Sibi was approved, but the concerned authorities have failed to initiate construction work which shows the insincerity of government towards education sector in the province, continued BSAC spokesperson.

The statement said building the University in Sibi is the need of time as most of the students cannot afford to move to other cities for gaining education due to poverty and it has been now four years since the approval of university, but it has still not been made functional.

The spokesman urged the concerned authorities to take immediate actions in this regard so that the students in Sibi region get education facilities into their doorsteps.

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