Brahui is one of the ancient languages of Indus civilization and mother language of the Brahui Rulers of (former) Kalat State.

Brahui is one of the main languages of Baloch people in Balochistan and is also being spoken in Sindh (Pakistan), Iran, Afghanistan as well as in Gulf States.

Foreign and national scholars have played a key role in the preparation and compilation of Brahui Dictionaries and as a result, presently a number of Brahui dictionaries are in market. However, Brahui Academy Pakistan, being the main institution engaged in the promotion of Brahui language and literature, has decided to compile a comprehensive Brahui to Brahui and Urdu Dictionary. For this purpose volunteer scholars have been nominated district wise who would be collecting Brahui words, which would be further discussed and finalized at the central level by the members of Brahui Dictionary Board.

For this purpose, Brahui Academy needs the services of a software company to develop such an online software for Brahui Dictionary which should ensure that the volunteer scholars in different districts are able to add Brahui words with their Brahui and Urdu meanings in the software and the members of Brahui Dictionary Board are able to edit, delete or make additions in the dictionary through the same software.

Academy is seeking complete proposals (technical and financial) from software firms having previous experience of language / dictionary related software development work.

The proposals should clearly elaborate the key features of their proposed online software and should carry all the main features / facilities of best online dictionary software.

Those interested should send their complete proposals including the brief profile of their firm by August 28, 2017 at [email protected]

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