Application launched for medical students, Specially those who are preparing for MBBS or other medical and chemistry related entry tests.

Thaheer Team has Launched FAST Quiz APP which tests students’ skills in Biology, physics and chemistry.

It contains explanation for each question that helps in enhancing the knowledge level of the students. Questions are well written and well solved(It has Numerical solutions for physics).

Features and Usage

You will lose 5 points if you select wrong answer and you will gain 15 points if you answer correct. However, you can skip a question.

Furthermore, it has multi player option so that you can challenge your friends and know where you are standing in the competition from them. It has features where you can be on the top if you are the highest scorer on a particular chapter.

Moreover, There are 30+ questions in each chapter for now, and more questions will be added after every week.

Thaheer Team guaranteed a beautiful design and easy to use app and guaranteed to provide an App which pushes the limit for entry test preparations.

Click the link to download the App

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