Limkwing University, Malaysia has the title of organizing cultural events where more than 128 countries participate and represent their culture with their traditional dress and cinematic activities like dance, dramas, etc.
This year the Baloch students at Limkwing University made history by representing rich Baloch culture in front of audience from all over the world.

The participants from all over the world appreciated the efforts of students and Baloch culture won the hearts of each and every one there.

Moreover, the audience enjoyed and loved the famous song of Akthar Channal Zehri( dana pata na dana).

According to the students from Malaysia, the participants around the world apprised Balochi culture and showed deep interest in knowing about the Balochi culture and norms.

Students said, the people from different countries were keen to know various aspects and features of Balochi culture and asked several questions related to Baloch culture.
The Baloch students thanked Pakistani community in Malaysia who helped and supported them for representing the Baloch culture in front of a huge crowed.

It has been quite some times that the Balochi culture is gaining popularity around the world.

This piece published in social Media Page ‘Beautiful Balochistan’

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