The chairman of Balochistan Peace Forum Haji Lashkari Raisani has said building a developed and a peaceful society only becomes possible when its members promote reading culture.

While addressing a seminar with connection to International Books Day in Quetta Press Club, he said every individual of the society should play its due role to develop a book-loving culture among the new generation so that they become mentally and intellectually enlightened.

Lashkai said, “We are trying to pass a resolution from the assembly that the media organizations should introduce five books each day during their 24 hours transmissions so that the reading culture is promoted among the youth and we will contact the elected public representatives in this regard.”

He said during 1970’s elections, educated people like Gul Khan Naseer, Nawab Ghous Baksh Raisani and Mir Ghous Baksh Bezenjo were elected as the member Balochistan assembly, unfortunately, the current politicians with fake degrees become the representatives of the masses who do nothing good for them.


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