Shakir Manzoor
Generally, people perceive psychology as a subject for insane students, but such negative misconception is common in traditional societies. Such misconceptions are created by the superficial persons who have superficial knowledge concerning the subject. Actually, it does not give any sense to defame a unique discipline on the basis of illogical ideas. No doubt, psychology is one of the most advanced branches of science with modern school of thoughts. For instance, subject matter includes humanism and positivism as course of study, which mainly focus on human potential, strength, and cognition. Creativity, productivity, and self-actualization are gained as a result of above mentioned discipline. The mentioned discipline makes man so conscious that he can use the right word at the right time and place which is the essence of psychology. Undoubtedly, psychology is sensitive and white, but is also curious and inspirational.
Moreover, it helps to have grip over one’s own higher mental process and ideas. Also supports in converting divergent thinking into convergent thinking especially for creative purpose such as, problem solving, and decision making. Furthermore, such disciplines of social science are very much crucial to be studied for sack of self, emotional and social development and solving the daily life anxieties which are being faced by social beings because of competitive challenges. Its influences on other subjects are undeniable, because entire human intellectual activities are under framework of psychology so misunderstandings require to be clarified.

To be brief, electronic, print and social media play a vital role to replace negative stereotypes of people with enlightened visions by emphasizing on its importance and scope. The people must be motivated to study rather than to be devalued.
It becomes the due responsibility of intellectuals and thinkers to change the pattern of thinking adopted by the masses. This has to be done in order to fill the vacuum of negative image of psychology.

The writer studies MS Psychology in International Islamic University Islamabad

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