Roads, classes and education couldn’t be interconnected with each other specially during an era of globalizarion, democracy and would probably surprised the world that how the selected students are demonstrating for the  commencement of their classes or trying to fullfil their dreams on the roads that reflect back  the  picture of mile stone but this is  not new for us ,either we are adopted to such circumstances or accepted our fate as Deprived nation on the roads that is why our colleagues are attending classes on roads during the sat of hunger strike so easily despite of troubles and hot weather.

I remember that  last time  Baloch students Action Committee arranged à hunger strike camp for new medical colleges which were nonfunctional that time and finally BSAC succeed in opening of new medical colleges  and i was so happy for that because i was among those  students of Balochistan for whom the Bolan medical collage was the only  collage which can  reach us to the destination of medical sciences and that was a great pleasure for all the pre-medical students of Balochistan.

I thought that  now we have more  opportunities towards our dreams  like other students as our province has four medical colleges now .

There was a new hope, more dreams and more struggle towards those collages  but the dreams were broken when Bolan university of health and medical sciences didn’t announce the final merit list of Makran, Jhalawan and Loralai medical colleges and  again the struggle of   hoplessness get started and again we became the voice of our soul which has been searching for education, development and equality, but  Our politican never bother to take any serious step regarding resolving the issue of medical colleges and student belonging to Baloch students Action Committee are demonstrating with effected students  and teaching new medical students on the roads because they are precious as well as their dreams are precious and the time which is being wasted is precious too.

We should support this noble cause of BSAC, and should participate in such initiatives because we need development of Balochistan.

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