Khadija Kurd

No doubt, Balochistan is the most neglected and remote region of Pakistan but it is rich in natural resources and known for its beauty. Almost Balochistan has 556 different types of natural resources, but still Baloch are the poorest. Because these resources are exploited and given to those who don’t deserve them. Today Baloch are backward in this era of science and technology and waiting for a new dawn of brightness.

Baloch are economically poor, but their ideas are rich. Today Baloch are doctors, engineers, pilot, C.S.S officers and many more. They are on high rank jobs and appearing in competitive exams like PMS, CSS and PCS. Balochistan’s 80% population lives under poverty line.

The poor people of rich land have been kept intentionally deprived of their basic amenities since amalgamation with Pakistan. The largest province in terms of land, rich in natural resources, but has the lowest literacy rate.

Literacy and poverty rates are riddled with trials and tribulations and it is the dire need of time to take them out from these miserable conditions.

To say the least none of the governments paid sincere attention to bring prosperity and never won the hearts and minds of its people, but rather continued the exploitation of natural resources.

Moreover, this so called CPEC …China Pakistan Economic Corridor will do no wonders to its indigenous residents as it is the Punjab that gets the line share and will benefit the most from this project. But the situation will remain same for its poor inhabitants. The people of Gwadar lack drinking water facility which is one of the fundamental requirements to live, but government failed to provide potable water in the area.

People are dying and losing their lives because of bomb blasts and peace does not exist in the province. However, the demises are not considered significant as they are not counted as human. Our electronic and print Media are silent and never bother to give adequate coverage to such issues of common masses.

In other developed and advanced countries like China, America, Japan etc, 60 to 66% are earning members and only 34 to 40% are dependents.

Furthermore, according to the constitution of Pakistan, Balochistan’s Sui gas is for its residents,n but the people of Balochistan still wait to benefit from it. Baloch are made deprived from their rights and neglected everywhere.

Everyday blasts are occurring in the province due to which dozens of innocent people are victimized.

Baloch also deserve a proper respect and dignity in the society. They also deserve to be the respected and dignified citizens of this country.

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