Arwah e cheehant is a quite interesting novel of Mujahid Baloch who hails from Panjgur. Having the zest to write, he has so far written several books that revolve around beautiful stories. In addition, Mujahid Baloch is equipped with a pen, an idea and a plot whose main objective is to highlight the challenges faced by Baloch nation through his writings.

The book starts giving a meaningful lesson that most of the students have no idea what to read further in their lives since they lack career counseling. Ultimately, students end up being depressed and bored in the selected field with no interest. This is not because students are not ready to learn, it is because students do not get proper counseling at the beginning and become unable to find their interest.

The novel becomes more important to be read further as it brings the issues of Baloch nation into light. We do know that Balochistan is replete with tragic stories which are hidden within the beautiful land. He mentions the time when a kill-and-dump policy was rampant, and every month a number of tortured, tormented bodies of young Baloch men, gone missing, were found dumped with their names pinned on them, in all probability as a ‘warning’ to others. This is what happens to a number of youths till today. The Baloch nation has been enduring difficulties in raising awareness of their situations of enforced disappearances, poverty, human rights violation and discrimination. However, the book shows the brutal reality_ Baloch nation still continues to face systematic repression, and this remains ignored largely. Baloch remain second -class citizens within their state and they are allegedly abducted by security forces. Further, the invisible war in Balochistan is a case study on failure of human rights and international outcry in a world saturated with justice.

The book is a window and at the same time, a basket of treats and, yet again, a sort of connect-the-dots where he wants the readers to unearth further and go into a frame wider than dismal scenarios. In doing so, he reminds of the tragedies and challenges of Balochistan.

The most affecting part of Mujahid’s book is the love story of a couple_ the story is an intriguing read.

Arwah e cheehant creates great curiosity in readers that makes the novel enthusiastic and successful. The book is must-read in which the reader seeks and feels the problems of Baloch and Balochistan.

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