Mubarak Qazi is known to everyone in Balochistan because of his wonderful works as a nationalist poet. He was born on 24 December, 1956, in the costal region of Makuran, Pasni, in the house of Khauda Amanullah.

Mubarak Qazi has an immense contribution in the field of spreading Balochi language throughout the world with his compositions. He has contributed in shape of writing books and several poetries in magazines.

If we glance over his educational records, he has completed his earlier education in Pasni High School. After the completion of his matriculation in 1972, he went to Karachi in Sindh Muslim College (SM College) to attain his higher education. But the financial issues impeded his education further; hence, he abandoned his education and returned to his area to join his family business.

The poetry appeals to Mubarak Qazi at the earlier age of his life and he began his poetry writing in 1977. After starting his poetry writing, he received more fame for which he is still adored the most in Balochistan.

In 1978, he again went to Karachi for BA degree in Urdu Arts College. And then he went for MA in Balochistan University at Quetta and got his degree In International Relation (IR). He was one of the brilliant students among all of them during his student life.

One of the major purposes of Mubarak Qazi was to develop ‘Baloch Literature’ (Labzank). He started working with some other great personalities who together worked for developing the Baloch literature.

He also impresses and inspires his people with his poetries, dedicated to his Motherland (Balochistan) in particular, other societal affairs in general. He was imprisoned for one year for his poetries against the government.

Ultimately, his several famous poetry collections are ‘Sabzein Sawad’, ‘Hani Mani Mathe Wathan’ and many more.

Mubrak Qazi brought a better change for the Balochi language and reshaped it wonderfully. People of Balochistan have always love and respect for him. He is one of the most famous and important personalities of Balochistan.

The poetries of Mubrak Qazi give people the greatest lessons of nationalist ambitions. All his poetries are sung by the greatest Balochi singers. The Balochi literature and language have been well reformed because of Mubarak Qazi’s poetries.

The entire nation feels proud of his dedication and hard work and entire nation will admire him forever for his gentle services to the Baloch nation.

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