As a student of the University of Turbat (UoT) for more than one and a half year, I, including all my colleagues, have been waiting desperately for right changes to occur in the administrative system of the varsity. Still, things have not yet changed slightly in the right direction. There have always been corrupt elements in the university playing their part to degrade the institution’s system.

Although I am not worried about education which is already in decline, but the system is making the enrolled students corrupt with how it is being formed. However, the students, after ignoring the low quality of education, hope for the best after they receive their degrees. But when they apply for jobs and sit in papers, as most of the alumni complain, they remain dumbstruck – cases of not all but the majority of the pass outs of the varsity.

Coming to the food items of the varsity, inflation is at great peak within the campus. A student coming from a poor background cannot afford to have anything from the canteen. Although the university canteens are to provide the things in a cheaper price, Turbat University’s canteens, far from the city or any adjourning areas, run by the administration again, are rendering the same food items in double prices.

If things continue to run at such a pace in the varsity, soon we will witness a university without those students who are poor. Besides this, I will ultimately build inferiority complex among the students living below the poverty line. It can, as well, lead to several mental diseases which can directly and indirectly affect the education.

The university, if it continues to remain so, will have to face a lot of dilemmas regarding the students in the near future. Only for getting some more money – that too the ones who already have plenty – they are taking the administrative system to the highest degree of corruption which can be a whole loss to the students. Other than the newcomers, in such a situation, how will the already enrolled students survive including those who do not have a monthly income, but depend on a family member?

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