What if the sun lay in the lap of memories!

I wonder where the sun goes after setting?

And sets not in the lay of memories,

Does it set in the lap of the amiable sea?

I wonder whether the sun silently adores the moon!

If it does,

I wonder where the moon revolves in daylight?

Does it rotates around the only soul?

Or it only revolves in the heaven of smile!

If the sun dwells nowhere!


I wonder if moon hides only in humble souls,

Always or often!

I wonder how birds fly so high?

May they’re powerful enough to crashing the winds,

In between,

The memories and the sea!

What if the wind loves the memories and the sun!

Might it do,

Cause it let them fly free,

But yet I wonder,

Why leaves fall, so fragile to break?

What if they fell to let the spring come,

I wonder how the waves never reach the shores?

What if they don’t want to disturb the shores,

Mingled so perfectly with Earth.

I wonder why people leave,

Do they leave what they own?

What if they leave in letting us know their worth,

I wonder where the dead ones go? 

Up in heaven,

Or only disappear on the earth?

What if they never leave,

But are infused in our veins,

To flow in our blood.

What if the sun dwells in memories,

To flow the smiles in our souls!

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