Balochistan is already shaken with its partition for ages, however, the government, in its new policies, is attempting to divide Balochistan more into pieces so that it becomes easy for the state institutions to have total control over the population and easily exploits the region. Very good to note, the students [in particular] have been raising their voices up in social media [and need to get to practical grounds to oppose the partition] against the division of Balochistan into South and North regions.

Notwithstanding, the state is supposedly playing a “Double Game” with the residents of Balochistan; on one side, she is, through means unknown, exaggerating the Pashtun movement by claiming to make a difference province as “Pashtunishtan” constituting from Chaman to Chitral. The Pashtuns are thus divided into groups with multiple demands which is a success to weaken the movement of the Pashtun. This new call of the Pashtuns to divide Balochistan’s parts into two is a part of the double game. On the other, it is attempting to making a southern Balochistan by saying to make Gwadar the capital of the given part.

Although it will be a facility for the people of those regions as they need not visit the provincial capital Quetta for tiny issues but would establishing a different Secretariate and calling Gwadar the capital of the southern part of Balochistan be a suitable solution? The provincial government, if they feel the need, can build sub-offices of Secretariate in divisions, other than declaring Gwadar a separate capital of the southern part and separating the south part of Balochistan with the north.

Aftermath the decision, there are like chances of growing discrimination and hatred in the hearts of people against each other. It would definitely affect the Baloch cause to greater extents which we cannot imagine now. In-between, China would radically cover the southern part mainstreaming the Pakistan China Economic Corridor (CPEC) by making the Balochistan’s residents in fighting and discriminating each other.

In the meantime, as the teachers of different public sectors institutions have got together in front of the provincial Sectariate for around a week to seek more grants in their salaries is somewhat an effort to making the Baloch get engrossed in the issue of the teachers, the policymakers are, on the other hand, settling the deals to divide and rule Balochistan. The evidence is quick and opportunistic decisions which the government(s) made in the short note of the given week of two different parts with unlike capitals and using the Pashtun movement towards a different Pashtunistan province, ultimately separating Balochistan into three parts in the near future.

In the given time, the Finance Minister of Balochistan, Mr. Zahoor Buledi, in his tweet, quoted it as “No such plan at all, it is baseless propaganda to deviate public attention from ongoing development projects. Balochistan will remain united and an integral federating unit of Pakistan.” The tweet clearly shows how the government is trying to divide Balochistan in the name of development.

It is high time Balochistan’s residents had understood the policies of the fragile government(s) towards the promotion of disintegration in the province. Balochistan is not south, Balochistan is not north, but Balochistan is all it is declared officially before the independence of Pakistan.

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