The word ‘library’ is derived from the (French) word “Librairie” and (Latin) word “liber” which means”BOOK”.

Libraries play an important role in our Academic and social life, Libraries provide the students very healthy environment for learning as well as making notes or completing an assignment. Library provides a very calm and disciplined atmosphere which helps students to maintain a good concentration on their studies. Libraries also help in the promotion of literature and knowledge through the books which help us to recognize our Language, culture, civilization, history and identity.

Mashkay Public Library was a dream for the students of Mashkay but the hard work of the students of Mashkay changed the dream into reality. The students of Mashkay on self help basis worked day and night to establish the first Mashkay public library, they were sincere with their work and because of their sincere efforts and fidelity today a empty room is full with books and seems to be a library.

I solute to my all those friends of Mashkay who realised that knowledge is the source of decline and rise of a Nation and we can gain our knowledge from books and library and they also realized that for the sake of Baloch Nation and Mashkay students, Mashkay needs a Library and they started working to establish a library as soon as possible, because we were much far away from the literature and knowledge and we are confused that how to select a field for our self which was the main and biggest problem and was a mistake among us, but today I hope that from onwards non of single student will repeat this mistake. And due to the library and book reading students also will recognise their culture, history, language and identity.

The process was not so easy at the starting but the Mashkay students with their self help basis worked hard and shown us the result in the form of library in Mashkay, which is called as “Mashkay Public Library” located in the government higher secondary school Gajjar Mashkay and it has the capacity of 25 persons.

The library may have more than 2.5k books including Novels, history, literature, biography, Islamic study, general knowledge and course book etc.

Today I proudly can say that the fate of Mashkay students will be changed not immediately but definitely. Because without knowledge and literature, we are nothing without knowledge we look like a living corpse and we will fall and decline continuosly and without education we will forget our language and history and identity as well, to know about you and your Nation education is must, as Nelson Mandela quoted that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” and also quoted that “No weapon is needed to destroy a nation, Destroy its education system,The nation will be destroyed automatically”.

So from today onwards The library of Mashkay will provide education and knowledge with 100% efficiency to the youth of Mashkay.

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