I am writing without even knowing what. I am trying to bump over some grief that haunts without even relating to it from before. I miss hearing, seeing and associating him with never having him met.

There is severe damage in my mind for someone who I never imagined existed. The rush of tears shower all my being with no clue of why or who for. Never ever have any thought damaged me this enough.

I am eternally at quarrel with what I am going through because the acquaintance I am unconsciously mourning was not a blurred reality for me even. Whether or not, I never fathomed the being of someone who would put me in titanic pain. Yes, Sajid Hussein_ the man who I merely had no glimpse of, is a heavy grief to my sensitive existence, an inevitable failure to my nerves.

I never came across this man for whom my heart gashes with every passing moment. I lament, go insanely hurt and come back to the fact that we have lost a legend: a legend who shall create the most shinning….!

Zoha Baloch

The writer studies English literature at University of Turbat & she is a poet. Formerly, she remained a teacher at DELTA in Turbat.

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