Pakistan is considered as 6th most vulnerable country for women. Rape and murder cases of women are often reported in different parts of country.

According to a report of Ministry of Human Rights 8648 human rights violation cases reported in the country between January 2012 till September 2015.

Unfortunately, our legislatives do not consider violence as bayonet crime that’s why the growth of this heinous practice has gone out of control.

Moreover, it is estimated that 70 to 90 percent of women and girls in Pakistan have suffered from some kind of abuses.

Besides this, Human Rights Activist Sohail Akbar warraich notes that the greatest factor obstructing justice in sexual assault cases is the delay in FIR registration. As a fact, it is the big shame for the law oc this country.

I request Parliament and other authorities to enact and compose strict laws on the practice of women violation to wipe it out from root.

Sameer umrani
Malir karachi

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