Human beings are natured differently and every human being may look same physically, but it is also true that human beings have different natures and keep different psyches.

In this progressive world it may look very successive in every field, but there is also an area which has put the fellow livings at back that is none other than attitude.

The word may look simple, but it is tough to keep a good attitude and behave well to everyone. I have seen every kind of persons who are suffering or lack good attitude.

It seems simple to have a good attitude, but thousands of students ,teachers, players, actors, singers and many other living souls are suffering due to lack of a well-developed attitude. This is the attitude which makes a human successful whether he keeps billions or doesn’t have a penny.

As a great man said, Kill them with your success and bury them with your smile. ”Attitude is something likewise which burns other if it is good in you or it burns you if it is quite bad in you.

Sabir K.B


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