Baloch Students Action Committee (BSAC) has announced to support the protesting students of Dera Ghazi Khan and asked supreme court to take notice of the matter.

Action Committee issued a statement saying that the students waged a protest against a federal minister who was involved in issuing fake degrees.

‘When the students raised voice and protested against the corrupt federal minister, he order the authorities to pressurize them and used force to disperse and silent the protesting students’, said BSAC spokesperson.

Spokesman said the students were left with no other option but to had their way towards Islamabad to make their voice listened.

“The students are considered to be the assets of nation, but sadly saying the so called public representatives are putting students’ lives at stake and embezzling high fee from the student”, continued BSAC spokesperson.

Action Committee urged the students and members of civil society in Islamabad to join the protesting students.


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