I am not a good writer neither a good reader, but when I read a letter in The Baloch News about UOT (University of Turbat) then I became compelled to jot down some specific words and also urge my brothers to think positive about UOT.

UOT has been established in 2012, in that time it was known as a city campus but in a short period it has built its status.

However, now query is being raised whether rude or aggressive behavior will develop any positive image of any personality or institution?  I don’t think so, then how the writer could comment negative about UOT staff.

It really hurt me when I read the letter because I am one of the students of UOT and it was completely against the reality as the staff in UOT is so caring and loving and they never think of behaving aggressively with the students. They not only behave positively with their students rather they express the same love and care for the peons and clerks in the university.

At last, this is my humble request to the writers, please don’t comment negative or don’t express your thoughts on something or someone about whom you don’t know properly, because at first meeting nobody can be judged properly.


Zulfiqar Pullan



Aggressive Behavior of Teaching staff in Turbat


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