The clash that erupted between the members of Baloch council and Mehran Council of Sindh has been resolved this morning.

According to the sources, some Baloch and Sindhi elders arranged a meeting in which leaders of Mehran and Baloch councils participated.

The both sides discussed and looked into the matter in detail and at the end they decided to halt the dispute temporarily.

Chairmen Baloch Council and Mehran Council were also present in the meeting. At the end of meeting both councils agreed to avoid any tussle until the matter is completely solved.

The Baloch council asked its members to avoid any sort of confrontation with the members of Mehran Council.

A senior Baloch from Quaid-i-Azum University announced that “The Baloch & Sindhi Students of Quaid-i-Azam University have resolved their mutual conflicts peacefully. I’m truly obliged for the honor and trust they showed towards their seniors.”

The dangerous fight happened in Quaid-i-Azum University Islamabad yesterday due to which more than thirty students from both sides received critical injuries.

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