Adnan Dost

The youth of Balochistan is being completely destroyed as drug use has become widespread in the society. Drug abuse is one of the main issues in Balochistan which is destroying many families. The drug addicts become so powerless due to over use of drugs and everything around them becomes meaningless to them. The increasing needs of drug consumption by addicts disturb the peace of a family. They become so habitual of drug abuse that the punishment given by parents leads them to commit suicide. They are getting addicted to different kinds of drugs and the drugs are the symbol of diseases, if it affects someone he or she will never be able to leave it easily.

However, in Balochistan 80 percent men and 20 percent women are addicted to drugs. Youth belonging to many different areas of Balochistan use drugs, but no one is ready to control the use of drugs. The reason is that government does not take effective action against drugs business in Pakistan as some higher authorities in government are involved in this menace practice. In Balochistan many people are running this business of drugs with the help of government.

Anyhow, the police force can play a very important role in prevention of drug trade, but the police department does not seem to be sincere in taking action in this matter. In Pakistan many cases have been reported where the police was found to have direct contacts with drug dealers and the police receive monthly payment from these drug dealers.

Moreover, the number of drug users is high in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) where around 11 percent of the population is hooked on drugs. In 2015, the number of drug users in Balochistan was 280,ooo. Government must improve police system in order to prevent drug trade.

Most of the drugs come from Afghanistan, the country responsible for at least 85 percent of the world’s heroin production and supply. The drugs are easily supplied from southern Afghanistan to Quetta, which is an important transit point for opiates dealers.

There is another activity which I have seen in a report of dawn newspaper that university and college level students are involved in using drugs. Many people in educational institutes are involved in sale of drugs to students and they are the ones who convince other students to use drugs for fun. Initially they use it for fun but later on they become used to it. According to the recent report sources, 600,000 people enter into drug abuse in Pakistan annually.

Similarly, in Pakistan take the example of Ayesha, She was only 12 years old when she was addicted to heroin. She was studying in class nine when she tried to taste heroin for fun in her village in Swabi. Her brother used to sell heroin.  With the passage of time in 2015, she was reading in second year at college when her drug addicted brother died due to overdose of heroin. Ayesha is only one among the growing number of female drug addicts in Pakistan. There are no official statistics on the number of Pakistanis involved in drug use.

I humbly request to the government and concerned authorities to move forward and take concrete steps to control drug use so that society is made free from this menace.

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