The beginning of an individual’s journey starts the day when he/she gets birth and those are the societal norms and values which keep nourishing the individual’s mind unconsciously. I as well journeyed through this long process which gradually created limitations for me. Such boundaries were created by the society keeping in mind the cultural, social and the religious norms.

These were perhaps the rules and regulations which were imposed on me to be systematically living in accordance with the social, cultural and religious norms. However, today I am grown up and have the sense of analyzing myself, society and the entire universe around me.

Moreover, being a student, I do have a strong vision and commitment to remain a source of inspiration for the region and the society where I come from or in other words I wish to become the source of encouragement for the ones who crave for generating a bright future but can’t find ways to move forward. Because the people of my region do have an extreme thirst for knowledge, but they need to be encouraged and inspired and for this they look forward for someone who has achieved something in a specific field and successfully became a role model not only in the eyes of young students but for the entire region.

To be one of the inspiring figures, I will have to prove myself. I am sure my success will encourage dozens if not hundreds of youth and teenagers for moving towards higher education in their variety fields of interest.

This is what I have kept in my mind regarding the vision and mission for my future and I have the strong belief in myself that one day I reach a position where I become able to give a helping hand to the needy people settled around me and try to encourage them at the highest degree for overcoming the thirst of knowledge.

Nobody knows what happens to the planning and vision someone keeps and that individual may come across the failure or may move into the lowest degree of disappointment because every stage of life perhaps teaches some lessons which go beyond the tolerance level of human being, but everyone has the right to create dreams for themselves and that’s the hope which has kept the human being alive.

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