Unalike the other months, whenever I get to see the name of December, I do remember the blown up of that enlightened lamp. The December refreshes my wound, nevertheless, the wound of the whole nation.

December 21 is as hard as the Day of Judgement. The sky may fall that day on our weakened body, the earth may leave everything it posseses, but the day we lost the light of the nation, the mother, it is as hard as killing us over and again in span of times. And this death that we are living is harsh. That day was as long as a year when Banuk Karima Baloch left the unfaithful land.

She is counted among those nationalist women who sacrificed their lives for revolution – societal and national revolutions. Banuk felt the pain of her nation and her people. Due to her enthusiastic struggle, she was addressed by the pseudonym of Lumma-E-Watan.

Karima belonged to Tump area of district Kech. In 2005, she joined student politics on the platform of Baloch Students Organisation and involved in the progress of Baloch nation. Eventually, she became a star in the Baloch history whose non-existence is felt in every corner of Balochistan and is inspired by newly emerging Baloch men and women.

An immense number of Karimas are getting born on the motherland of Baloch people who oppose the cruelties on their oppressed nation. It is the land of Balochistan which is producing such nationalists in various forms. And she continues to inspire generations.

Although Banuk is not among us physically today, but the directions and path she showed will always be leading and guiding the Baloch nation towards glory. It is a collective effort which needs collectiveness in our ideas too. That is what she taught us practically.

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