Kolwah, a part of district Kech, is one of the most beautiful places in Balochistan’s Makuran division with its eye-catching sites. Its people, the atmosphere and the charm in its locations enhance its pulchritude. Few hours from Turbat city of Kech, Kolwah shares borders with Awaran district. Though both, Awaran and Kolwah, were united prior to 1992, they were separated for administrative purposes leaving Awaran to Kalat division and Kolwah to Kech.

However, Kolwah is majorly famous for three things: hospitality, cultivation and Balochi embroidery (doch). There is no doubt of other supporting stuff, these three things have helped Kolwah gain a sufficient name across the Baloch regions for decades.

Like rest of Balochistan itself, Kolwah gives its people and guests a lot of respect and serve them to the best. Frequently observed, guests visiting Kolwah once were of non-stop praises for the people and their warm hospitality. In fact, such a hospitality has a longing history across Balochistan. Other than food and services, the people behave very sweetly. They say when a guest appears before their yard, they reflect that God Himself had come there.

Apart from hospitality, Kolwah’s women handcraft beautiful Balochi embroideries of different kinds. People from across Makuran usually send their clothes in Kolwah for handicraft because of variety during marriages in particular. These embroideries are named after famous Baloch artists, places, things and so forth, for instance, Arif e Chadar (Arif’s shawl – Arif Baloch is a famous singer), Bolan e Tyre (Bolan car), Banuk Karima, and others.

Besides these, cultivation has been an important economic factor in Balochistan, including Kolwah. The people enjoy the summer and spring seasons when they grow fruits and vegetables including grains, grapes, onions, dates, etcetera. The farmers work very hard in the given seasons to make greater archives for them in times to come.

One tradition deserves mention here linked with the grain-season: after finishing cultivation in Kolwah, they give “Chancook” to kids which involve Galla, Gowar, Mash etc. In the given season, people from disparate parts of Balochistan come for hunting birds and enjoying the season there which makes Kolwah very bright owing to tourism to great deal.

Best of all, my native is a town of love, hospitality and traditional beings. It resembles the ancient Baloch society. We all enjoy every season amidst the warmth of our land. Its evenings, taking tea of cows’ and goats’ milk and looking around the region brings me the most special feeling ever.

Kowah poses Balochistan as a whole. Do visit the region and taste Balochistan in the real sense. Kolwah’s hospitality, I am sure, will never let you go away with it.

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