The video opens in YouTube by the name “Noor e Dastan” by Shabir Sayad and Abroon and directed by Vahid.Hoot. The video displays a man who is sitting on a horse and walking by the sea side along with the tune going side by side.

The song was first uploaded on YouTube ten months before and soon it spread like wildfire in Baluchistan and outside the nation. It got wonderful reviews and people started quoting it, putting it on their Whatsaap status, making it their Instagram story and many more. Some people started singing it and a few even dedicated it to their beloved. The song is still depicted as a love song and people use it in their videos as a background music to enhance the quality of their video and get ratings.

The cast of the song is:

Director :Vahid.Hoot

Cameraman and editing: Eslam.Hoot

Actor: Jafar Ali Abroon

Singer: Shabir Sayad

Many singers have sung many songs and they have held the hearts of people by the silken tie of love and attachment but this song has been under misconceptions since its production.

The song is narrated as:

Bahar e Pull e

Man an zemestan

(You are the spring and I am the autumn)

Ma angar o aass,To e Gulistan

(I am the ashes and fire and you are the flower garden-rosery)

Chirag e Cham e be to tahare

Ma murthagen aass, to e Jalakshan

(The light of my eye is dark without you and I am the burned fire and you are the shiny radiant)

Wati ma shohaz a rand tara deest,k man tau an tau mani dil o jan

(I saw you after I knew myself that I am you and You are my heart and soul)

To Sah o wass mai,to humnapas mai ,Ma marg e chakas to e abadman

(You are my soul ,hope and my intimate companion. I am vulnerable to death and you are eternal)

Ma Kagadani taharen qissa,to daptarane,to noor e dastan

(I am the dark stories of the papers and you are in history-in the light of history)

To yak o tahna sarjam o barjam,Man an k be to be sar o samaaan

(You are complete one and I am incomplete without you)

Bahar e Pull e

man an Zemestan

(You are the spring and I am the autumn)

The whole song illustrates lines which refer to the Almighty Allah, especially the line: “To yak o tahna sarjam o barjam, man an k be to be sar o saman “ – No one is complete in the entire universe except Allah. Every line addresses the superiority of Allah and the incompleteness of the human. The misconception now should be removed and people should stop referring it to their beloveds. It has been written to praise Allah Almighty and the poet has expressed his love with a divine purpose through whole-hearted praise. The singer himself has addressed this point on a question about the main idea of his song and he answered that the main idea is “to praise Allah”.

The youth has misunderstood the meaning and the main idea of the song.The youth has cut off its links with literature perhaps they have failed to understand it clearly. It should be understood and taken in a divine context rather than dedicating it to their beloveds and using it as a background music for their personality built-up videos.

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