Balochistan is full of multiple people having depression. No one knows how it actually starts, but, it ends painfully in most of the times. In multifold other cases, it leads to suicides which is very disheartening. When it is on, one feels so worthless having so much around: it is how every little thing overshadows their real shapes. A person with depression usually starts overthinking on a single object_ time and again. Everything seems to ruin their mental peace.

Statistically, there exists so many people who are struggling to find mental peace despite trying so hard, but mostly fail to get away with it. However, they are giving their everything in every single day just to live, but once they feel neglected, all their hopes and struggles vanish in the blink of the eyes.

In fact, they want someone to help them out at that very moment, but they hardly get anyone to pour their hearts out. All those who are going through mental illness feel like no one cares for their presence around them. They need practical people to stay with them and support them_ that can be anyone.

The best treatment for the depressed people to overcoming their mental disturbance can be consulting a psychiatrist. It is, not letting your mental illness to take full control over you. And they cannot do it alone unless supported by their family members. Support your loved ones if you know they are going through depression, otherwise when you feel like helping them, they may no longer exist in the world. Before it is too late, you are to step forward.

Don’t let them be alone in this journey, but strengthen them every morning and let them know that they are fighters and soon they will win the battle. Motivate them that it is temporary and they have a beautiful life ahead. Tell them that many opportunities are waiting for them.

In short, depression is a serious mental disorder which affects the entire internal system of a person. All a depressed person needs is love. Show them much love, care for them, stand by them and never let them feel alone. Above all, try to consult a psychiatrist for better and quick recovery.

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