Dear Kulsoom Bibi,

I am in greatest pain now that yet another woman got embellished of newspapers and social medias. This time it would not be me, but I feared who it could be_ literally I had much fear. And I am disheartened the most knowing it is you_ like Kulsoom it is you who is slaughtered to death.

Our brothers may mention you in their statements with hashtag of justice in social medias. But, would this be enough for you? Was that enough for me and my daughter Bramsh?

You might be observing each moment from here with a great endurance, hoping justice for your orphaned kids. But I should clear you that headlines on newspaper, statements on facebook pages and Twitter, protests and rallies of some days cannot give you and your kids what is your right.

Dear Kulsoom, in my case, every Baloch pretended to be with me in each corner of the world. Half of the world is well aware of inequality with my daughter and me. Bramsh is my little orphaned girl who also audaciously shedded blood for making the case more effective. Yet it could not help her to penalize her mother’s culprits by the machineries of government.

Well Kulsoom, to be very frank with you, I assume nothing from these machineries of state can provide justice_ not to me and you only, but to every innocent person of our soil. Distinctively, they may give me their so-called equity but their verdicts would not satisfy my eternal soul.

But now more than anything, I am worried for you. In your case, would our “alive” brothers once again start pretending to be respectful? Is their pretending capacity charged enough until next case? Do our Baloch people need a wake-up call of such an incident every time?

We two are Baloch mothers and daughters. As being Baloch women, we do have a large number of guardians but actually they are equal to none. In the Baloch history, it does not need a larger number of people to bear up a woman’s dignity. It not only needs a single person to face other shameless people. Doda was not supported by an army to protect Sammi’s dignity. He was with his own.

Last but not least, I pray may your soul not roam for justice. Rest in greatness.

Malik Naz

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