Tump, befalling Pak-Iran border, is one of the most populated Tehsils of district Kech. It is an economic hub of Makran where people do business via Pakistan-Iran border by importing and exporting daily life goods. But it is very painful to express that tehsil Tump lacks proper roads.

In fact, the road of Tump was constructed by General Parvaiz Mushraf very long ago. Presently, the road is in appalling conditions. Tump road has broken screws at various places. The dosage, which come from Iran, do not reach in specified time in Turbat.

Most importantly, road is one of the quickest practical sources of communication. In case if it rains, the communication line of Tump gets disconnected with Turbat because the bridges_ on way to Turbat from Tump_ are broken.

Sadly, manifold accidents are occurring on daily basis due to the pathetic road. In fact, the people get badly injured and some lose their precious lives owing to non-interest of the incumbent government to reconstructing the road.

Furthermore, in some emergency cases, people have to go to Turbat hospital because the Tehsil’s health condition is next to nothing, but the poor conditions of the road make people face numerous challenges to reach out to their destination. It ultimately keeps the lives of patients at risk.

The people of Tump have been demanding for paving the road for so long but have not heard of satisfactory result back from government. Due to abysmal condition of roads people are terribly suffering in their day to day life but still B&R department does not pay any heed to the issue.

So, I request the government and the concerned authorities to take solid measures to pave the road so as to save the precious lives of the people from getting accident daily basis. It is high time our representative, Miss Zobaida Jalal, came forward to issuing quick notification to reconstructing the road from Turbat to Tump.

Muhzaim Mohammad Jan

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