In the practical life, some things are common. Like, you are loved by your parents, you do your best to make your mother smile, you try hard, like always, to make sure your dad is proud of you. It is because you love them unconditionally.

You have a so many friends who know you for years. You always give your best for them because you care for them and your life feels incomplete without them. You love them for who they are and you will always be grateful for what they have done for you.

But the question is, do you love yourself? Did you take a break and think about it? Or are you looking for reasons to ignore this question? Are you hesitating because you do not know the answer and yet you want to convince yourself with an answer?

If it is so, then let me tell you, it is OK. Breathe.

You have experienced so many things in life. You have been hurt and have gone through a lot of things that have affected you. You are tired of everything. Even your emotions get out of control sometimes. Howbeit, you try your best to hide them. But, that love is still inside you. You have buried it inside and you do not want to dig deep. Because it is going to be a rollercoaster journey which will have so many memories and instances that make you fragile and vulnerable.

Above all, let me clear one thing, you are very precious. You make a big difference to many of the people’s lives. You are very unique. You deserve much more love. You are worthy.

You are full of love;
It resides within you,
You need courage,
To dig deep within yourself,
Because you have;
Buried that love.

Irshad Arif

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