As every second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day, the day is totally dedicated to every mother around the world. Some people celebrate it by cutting cakes and some by only wishing: and some even do not care and know nothing about this day.

So, let us celebrate this day to the fullest. Though everyday is mother’s day, but this day has something special. Hence, make every mother special because they are really very special.

On this Mother’s Day, I have nothing to give you mom, but a few words which you have taught me. The combination of twenty six alphabets cannot define my love for you and your personality.

No denying the fact, I was nothing but you made me something. I was zero and you made me hero. I was wrong, you made me right.

Dear mom, if today I am able to write some words it is because of you. If today I know what love is, it is because of you. Thanks for always being by my side. Thanks for always giving me the wings to fly. Thanks for always encouraging me. Thanks for always supporting me. Thanks for making me feel that females can do everything as a male. Thanks for choosing best path for me.

I know life is quite hard. You may forget to eat, you may forget to sleep, but you never forget to call me on every meal time just to ask if I have taken my meal or not so that you can sleep peacefully. The love you showered on me cannot be counted. The pain you bore for me cannot be estimated. You gave me everything but you never demanded anything back.

However, daughters have special bonds with their mothers and so as I have. The amicable behaviour of you made you my best friend. I am not that much able that I can illustrate your personality mom, but you are such a virtuous and generous lady that taught me to love all without reason. You gave me the authority to dream as big as I can. Because no dream is bigger than any dream only if you have prayers of your mom. And I am lucky I have that.

Apart from this, motherhood is such a world where all love begins and ends too. I still remember when I got a small injury back in childhood, you could not slept the whole night because of pain. When apples were four and we were five, you said that you did noy like apple.

Mom, you are the lady whose love and care towards your family just cannot be measured. No matter how old I get, you will always remain my best friend with whom I can share all my sorrows, pain and happiness.

My mom is not educated but she has all knowledge nobody has ever had. She cannot read whatever I wrote for her but one thing is for sure when she will come to know that I wrote about her; a big smile will appear on her lips. To be very short, happiness is seeing your mother smile from the heart.

To sum up, my little world starts and ends with my mom. There is no such a day for showing your love to your mom because you can show your love and affection to her anytime. Make everyday as mother’s day and always love your mother because you will never get another.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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