Balochistan receives great fame globally for the wonderful handicrafts (doch) which is a part of their custom, transitions and culture.

Needle work is a part of Balochi culture. It is also a great source of income for widows in particular.

A great reason of being famous globally of the Balochi handicrafts is the various beautiful designs under needle work. Baloch women look very different and cultural while wearing their own cultural clothes. It makes them special and unique even among massive crowds.

Unfortunately, Balochi handicrafts are not commercialized. There is not any specific brand of Balochi handicrafts. They are even not sold in particular markets of the state yet.

Despite having no proper brand, Balochi embroidery is still famous all over the world, what if there would be a proper brand for Balochi handicrafts?

Balochi embroidery can even take Pakistan’s exporting business to a great benefits if branded.

So, it is my humble request to the government of Balochistan to launch a specific brand for Balochi handicrafts so that they get sold in better prices.

Kashif Sagheer

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