Once again the radical Jamiat goons ( IJT) heinously attacked Baloch students for no reason. To make it crystal clear for all, let me tell the entire  story as an eye witness of the incident.

While going to their Departments with the books and a pen in their hands, the Baloch students not even thought what would happen with them at the very next moment. Wielding sticks and bottles in their hands, the IJT goons( under the guise of students) came out of no where and started rebuking. Few minutes later,  they started beating them mercilessly.

At the next moment, when they saw punjabi students , they rushed towards them with sticks and beat them. Moreover, they also tried to get Pakthuns under their sticks.
Now Lets carve out few points from the above incident
Firstly,  holding sticks and bottles in their hands shows that  IJT students were pre-planned.

Secondly,  beating Baloch , Punjabi students for no reason tells that they have nefarious aims to create a  chaos in the Campus.

Thirldy,  holding books and pen, the Baloch students  faced more than 10 students over them beating with the sticks and glass bottles,  let me reiterate, books and Pen in the hands of Baloch students.

At present, they are trying to blame Baloch students for the aggression as they always do. The entire incident was planned to decry Baloch students. Moreover, the students who are enrolled in the University know all about the IJT students. They beat boys, disgrace girls, threatens teachers and manipulate administration through their political sources.

It is alarming to note here that the security guards were standing  silently. They did not even try to push the agressors away. The Baloch and Punjabi students don’t have an iota  of confidence on the administration because of their biasness.  Therefore, it is a request to  higher authorities to meddle in  the situation and bring the culprits to Justice….

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