Koh-e-Murad is a famous shrine of Turbat, Balochistan. Koh-e-Murad is a holy place for Zikri community where they usually offer their prayers specially on 27th of Ramadan. On this holy day of Ramadan, the members of Zikri community get together for Ziarat of the holy place where they perform different prayers like Zikr-e-Elahi, Chogaan (In which they remember Allah, The Holy Prophet and Imam Mahdi), Sepath, which is also a similar kind of prayer like Chogaan and at the very morning of the night of 27th, they all get to gather in front of Zikrkhana and offer dua for all humanity.

In every corner of Balochistan and other parts of the country a large group of Zakris are found who come to Koh-e-murad for worshiping. Even they come from Iran as well.  Zakris mostly follow the teachings of Imam Mehdi, but they consider holy prophet Mohammad (PBUH) their prophet. Koh-e-murad becomes too much crowded when all Zikris get to gather there. The word KOH means mountain in their local language Balochi while the word Murad means need.

In fact, Koh-e-murad is a mountainous place where according to the people of the community not only Imam Mahdi has come and stayed for long and offered prayers but different prophets have also visited the place. They, therefore, consider this place holy and worship all those spots where according to them Imam Mahdi and other prophets have offered their prayers.

People of this community have great faith on Koh-e-murad, even they come on foot to this holy place from far flung areas like Karachi and other places like Awaran and Mashkey. They think that coming on foot would increase their virtues. They almost take a month or more to reach Koh-e-Murad.

Many writers think that Zikris are the real representatives of Balochi culture because in their Chogaans and Sepaths they use pure Balochi words and the way they perform these purely represent Balochi culture. In all provinces of Pakistan, the Zakris are present. They are the most peaceful society In Pakistan because they do not want to create any complaints rather, they kept their beliefs to themselves.

In every year of this season Turbat city presents a different picture where people are excited to wear new shows and clothes for this holy night of 27th due to which markets and shopping malls become crowded.

Every year Zikris make a pilgrimage to Koh-e-Murad to perform Ziarat (worship) in which they need the support of the government in shape of security, economy and for the other basic needs.

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