Awaran District, located in the south of Baluchistan, with a population of nearly one and half lakh. It was notified as a separate district in 11th November 1922, previously it was a sub-division of Khuzdar District. The people living in Awaran are Muslims with a massive Zikri sect

A bloody earthquake struck Awaran on 24th September 2013, which killed at least 950 people and injured more than 700. After that powerful earthquake, Awaran has changed into a bush-league District. It is the most backward and poorest district in the province.

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The problems facing the Awaran are enormous. According to Pakistan District Education Ranking 2017, district Awaran is ranked at number 137 nationally, with an education score of 37.65. The condition of roads, colleges and schools are miserable, as only one professional doctor can be found in DHQ hospital all over the district.

Public should act now or never, there is still time for Awaran’s people to go after the books, to know their value, rights and ability. May be they will not become Socrates by going after the books but at least they will not sell their vote for five hundred rupees.

The authorities are here since the creation of Pakistan and the condition of Awaran is being worst day by day. The Government of Baluchistan and Federal Government must take a dire action to solve the problems of education, health and many more.

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