A message by Mahrang Baloch

I have been waiting for my brother for the last three months and I spend every second of my life to see my only brother back at home.

I may not be able to express my pain before my nation, but I keep counting each second of my daily life for the safe recovery of my beloved brother, Nasir Baloch.

I went through the same stage a few years back and we were gradually recovering, but unfortunately, my only brother was made victim and now I am again facing the same situation that I faced some years before.

For the safe recovery of my missing brother, I knocked the doors of every institution in Pakistan, but all efforts went in vain. The only reason behind this suffering is my identity of being a Baloch.

Dear nation, the Pushtoon went on strike for the safe recovery of their missing persons and a large number of them were released after a successful campaign as the people from all walks of life including students, teachers, doctors, and lawyers participated in Islamabad sit in. But out people have remained silent despite suffering much and they believe remaining silent is a better option.

Most parts of Balochistan are suffering from the issue of enforced disappearances, but our people have kept themselves completely silent. Today it is Mahrang who is suffering, tomorrow it can be you.

Sammi Baloch has spent most of her time in press club for the safe recovery of her father. Every Baloch has the story of sorrow. Most of our people express their solidarity, but nothing is done on the practical ground.

I appeal to the Baloch nation that come forward and raise your voices in every forum for the safe recovery of Baloch missing persons.

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