We always ask the question to ourselves that what the greatest pleasure of life is. If anybody asks this question different people may hold different views and acclaim aesthetic, intellectual or typical ethical pleasure as their specific choice. pleasure reading books

There is however no second opinion those then greatest pleasures of life come from reading good books. Indeed, books bring immense joy, enlarge the frontiers of knowledge and widen the outlook of the reader. Reading gives the highest kind of pleasure. Simply for pleasure and amusement, food novels and books of imagination must have their place in everybody’s reading.

Furthermore, when we are tired, or the brain is weary with serious study. It is healthy recreation to immerse ourselves in some absorbing story written by master hand. If we read different kinds of books they give us different types of pleasure. And there are numerous books to please and satisfy different readers. And also, books are our everlasting friends. They stay with us during the whole life in babyhood we hear parents read us fairy tales.

Reading is a nice source to relax and distress after a hard day. However, books not only entertain us and provide valuable knowledge, but they also sharpen our intellect, encourage imagination and enhance vocabulary.




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