I, Dr.Hira Buzdar (Baloch), belong to a middle class family of lower Punjab where being a girl was already considered hardluck. I want to explain the journey of being a doctor which was never easy for me. Time was never kind to me.. In every new step of my life, first I had to cross a barrier. The studies since childhood helped me establish my career and I got admission in Services Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS) Lahore, that was a proud moment for my family. I moved to Lahore for studies and my hard luck started from 2nd year when I got the news of supply in Anatomy. It was really a bad news for me at that time; considering the point where I was at my intermediate level, it was not easy for me to accept this failure. But I started my studies and I cleared it. 3rd year started I was expecting a good time ahead. My parents received a good proposal for me and I had my nikkah just aftrer my written exams. My practicals were after my Nikkah. I couldn’t even enjoy the best moment of a girl’s life about which she dreams since her childhood. But again in annual of 3rd year I faced 2 supplies in Pharmacology and Pathalogy, again a bad time and these two were not easy subjects to clear.I started working hard but I couldn’t make it possible and I was detained in Pharmacology in 2014 when my whole class was appearing in annuals of 4th year just after 2 months. I faced it, I was trying to cope up with this detention when my parents decided my Rukhsati and in December, my marriage ceremony was held.

I spent just 21 days with my husband, came back for studies of 4th year and I got the good news of becoming pregnant. I shared this news with my family and started to think about my good days ahead. I had no idea that the worst day of my life was waiting for me after a week of receiving the good news, I got a call of road accident in which my husband died and I rushed towards home where the dead body of my husband was waiting for me. it was the worst day of my life.. a newly wed girl had turned into a widow.I couldn’t explain my feelings at that time and I still think there are no words to describe my pain. I was questioned by people and was pressurized to go for abortion of that baby. I had become a widow at the age of 22, the age where most girls are busily happy in their lives, I became a widow just after a month of my married life,what was that I was trying to understand, social pressure, physical pressure,study pressure,pschycological pressures were waiting for me. I was being questioned by the society, by the family. I just took a side as there was only a single way to move on. I came back from my home, started my books and continued my pregnancy,my baby was delivered in 8th month and after anaesthesia when I demanded to see my child, he was admitted in ICU,this news collapsed me. Why me?I cried, prayed to ALLAH.I couldn’t lose him.Give days of my life to him…Allah put mercy on me after 1 month of battle with life, my baby was shifted home.I handed over my baby to his grand mother.
My 4th year exams were waiting for me and one month was left behind. .my problems of facing people were increasing day by day. I wanted to wrap my baby as normal mothers want to do.but I couldn’t because for the best future of my child, I had to study. I prepared for 1 month and rest left to ALLAH, attempted my exams and cleared my 4th year in 1st attempt and moved to final year of mbbs. I worked hard.just 1 year left to pass through. This incident made me stronger and turned me into a positive person.I worked hard and my parents supported me a lot and on 17.2.2017.I got my final result of being a doctor officially,whatever the hard lucks were, whatever ups and downs came to my life, I just crossed the barrier one after the other and became a doctor officially. I owned that becoming a doctor wasn’t so easy for me.I just raised myself from rock bottom and turned impossibilities to possibilities. I didn’t give up because I was intent on my ambition. I didn’t lose faith even through the hardest times of life. This is my message to everyone going through a hard time today. Have faith, don’t give up, and leave the rest to God.

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