Sounds of birds’ chirping faded,
When silence continued for the fifth day.
Fear in each soul
Of the soil persisted.
Readied with armed,
The silence was of the disastrous confrontation.
Between the evil and the evilized.
Remembering Ngugi,
“Two nations in one” says Ngugi.
There were in his.
“You can defeat,
but how your own?”
They compromised.
And were defeated before war,
And knelt down!
In front of their own,
Masked strangers!
In the battle for living.
In their soil.
In the far village of an oppressed king’s heaven.
They closed their eyes blindly
And opened with chained reality.
Where death awaits every day.
Where resistance lives no longer,
But in the hearts
Of the enlightened,
To materialize,
But, then, who would welcome enlightenment?
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