What else could be better than sitting in the car alongside Muhammad Qasim Lal, Waleed Izmail, Shah Sawar and Naveed with Arif Baloch’s song of Ghulam Hussain Shohaz’s verses on Baloch, Balochi and Balochistan, and wandering in Buleda – that too when everything was narrated about Buleda and its history and people?

From gardens to mountains, Buleda is in its best when it comes to looking for the most beautiful locations in Balochistan. Everywhere one sees, orchards of date trees have greened the entire tehsil, covered up with mountains in the other side. One will never go disappointed trying to explore the beauty of Balochistan amidst the beautiful mountains and gardens of Buleda.

From Manaz to Gilli, Buleda has so many places which render peace to mind and soul. The “Kochags” on the way are always peaceful scenarios if you are coming to Buleda for the very first time. You will get everlasting hospitality from the people and enjoy every second of your visit. Most importantly, you can get elders in the “Kochags” who narrate the history, people and everything that happens in the Baloch land so effectively and rightly that you will never want to get away with the moment.

Passing from “Zindagir River” on way, one gets inside the boundary of Alandoor (part of Buleda) which in itself is famous for its pulchritude. Very early, people of Buleda mostly resided in Alandoor, whereas, they shifted to other parts of Buleda in the later part. Besides it, people from Zamuran (which comes after Buleda) have migrated to Alandoor when draught had caught them. Now they have settled in this part of Buleda along with the locals.

However, your trip is incomplete when you have not turned to Waja Anwar and tasted Shellanch and Madarr (local desserts) out there. You are warmly welcomed in Waja Anwar’s house, known or unknown, and tasted with the pure Balochi desserts. He is one of the most famous, hospitable persons you will ever come up with in Buleda. He will make you taste the beautiful desserts Balochistan has ever produced.

Keeping the journey on, we get back to Manaz where young kids wake up early in the morning and turn to schools; right after school, they go to language institutions to learn the English language. One finds enthusiastic students and writers in this part. The best thing was, students and parents are equally interested towards education. Although, governmental schools need to be little improved, the private sector has played a key role in providing a quality education in the region.

In short, Buleda is always one of the best places one could ever ask to travel. You will get so many loving people in the tehsil; you will get hunting in seasons, dates and other orchards, the tastiest Balochi desserts and, above all, the most charming sceneries. I must say, Buleda you have indebted me. We, the residents of Balochistan, are always proud to be in this part. Thank you, Buleda for the warm hospitality; thank you Balochistan!

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