In the past, I have always opposed strikes, protests and rallies, thinking they were not needed. However, the continued failure and apathy of government institutions towards students collective issues have compelled me to support those brave students on strike. Particularly, when it comes to Balochistan, the least developed province, the list of brutalities keeps growing. Not a day passes by without a heartbreaking happening in Balochistan. It hurts.

All issues aside, education in Balochistan continues to deteriorate. Recently the students and employees of Bolan Medical College [BMC] have taken to streets and sit on a hunger strike till death to prevent government attempts to privatize their institution via BMC Act 2017. The striking students and employees demand that the government-in-rule amend the BMC Act 2017 by restoring the previous status of Bolan Medical College. Medical students have made it clear to the government that they will continue hunger strike till death until their demands are met.

Given the dismal state of health in the province and the ongoing pandemic Covid-19, doctors have a central role to play. They have been sacrificing their lives for the well-being of the citizens amidst the critical circumstances, yet they are being asked to vociferate on an act which is their legal right. What a misfortune for the Baloch students!

Heartbreakingly, some of the BMC students are in very serious conditions and have been shifted to ICU wards, but the government has maintained sheer silence to the situations.

Similarly, the new polices under the Act have hurt the hopes for many students. The increment in fee structure is another burden on students since BMC was the only ray of hope for many deserving students of the medical field. Still the non-serious attitude of the government is beyond comprehension.

Sadly, future doctors are left to die on roads; the “Chief Minister” of Balochista Mr. Jam Kamal is not responding anything other than stating it as out of his reach. How can a state be this emotionless towards its essential pillar [students]?

Accepting the demands of the students is something very far, he [Jam Kamal] even does not bother himself to take a walk to their camp sitting opposite his house.

In fact, it is not the students of Bolan Medical College sitting in protest, but the students of Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan are also on strike against cancellation of reserved seats for the Baloch students in Punjab.

The education conditions of Balochistan have left masses to wonder what is happening in Balochistan. It has compelled the students to ponder whether or not the CM has any functions; if yes then why is he in slumber and when will he get up?

Hence, I feel like hoping is the only option left for the students of Balochistan that the doctors may get to fulfillment of their demands the soonest. And prayers for the doctors who are still sitting on hunger strike till death.

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