What is time?
Apparently, it is the game of three needles, moving in a proper manner.
But practically what is it?
Time passes or we pass away?

Actually, time is like a wave that tries to knock you down and push you back. It never exists in one form.

Sometimes it makes us happy and sometimes becomes the reason of our tears. Sometimes it shows it’s single glance while sometimes it looks like an unended duration of life.
This is cruel but also kind.

To achieve a single happy moment we pass through countless cruel hours. Thus a tailor of time has never sewn a shirt of any man without tearing into pieces.
Even a single rose also sheds its tears (dew drops) whole night , but blooms again in morning.

To sumup, time is a cruel teacher. It won’t let anything last. When we want the happiness to stay, time takes it away. When we want the love to remain, time promptly replaces it with pain. And when we want the pain to numb us, time shows us hope again.

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