“Photo”_ I believe girls cherish the memories and long to remember their indelible history of lives. They click pictures randomly and get curious to share some of the pretty ones to their friends, colleagues and relatives. Because they are in love with such pictures as the beauty of humans exists in them. Manal is one of the examples. She owns the ravishing smiles after clicking any picture, so do I.

Since the inception of my school days, I love photography in which I witness the beauty of the God’s creatures.

Landscape photography has been my hobby. Sometimes, I take pretty and weird photos of myself even if I am criticized, but I still love clicking pictures. I perpetually sit around a corner of my room in silence by having my mobile and swiping up the pictures I had captured.

The beauty of pictures scatters over my eyes and soul. My lips twinkle with a pretty smile as if I resemble Manal. In no time, the cloud of thought rotates around me after looking at the sublime pictures that I have clicked. The captured photos speak out diverse history of lives and in which the memories last.

Last dawn the cloud was mizzling beautifully and I was lost in deep thought. Abruptly, my phone vibrated. Uh! It was a message in one of our groups consecutively following distant messages along with some wacky and zany ones. I left the gallery and went straightaway to the group finding what it was!

The peace rendered in my spirit when I opened the text. The peaceful soul accursed it and all I felt was a sacrifice to be given at the right moment. Huh! You might be thinking about that weird notice that took all of my inner peace with it.


In the text, it was mentioned about a hacker who hakes the data of the mobiles and takes the complete data of the mobile if anyone answers his/her call.

After going through it, I was afflicted. Everyone was mentioning that they have gotten a call from this number and gratefully did not attend it. Nervousness reached its peak because I had the photos of my siblings as well as mine in my gallery. The SIM was in my daddy’s mobile and my phone is registered in his. I could not brace myself and was very nervous whether I should delete the pictures of my mobile or not. Instead of deleting those photos, I started praying to Allah that my dad should not attend that call.

Crestfallenly, I stood up and took up my phone with my hands shivering, my body sweating, my heart melting and alas that fast circulating of blood in my body, I cleared all the photos in my mobile data before the arrival of my dad and the confirmation that if he had received the call or not.

Propitiously, my prayers bore fruits. God had accepted my say.

Did I really clear all those photos which desperately provided me pretty smiles and a peaceful soul? Can that be possible for such a girl who adores photos more than anyone or anything else and delete them with no hesitation? If yes and she did. Can they be recovered?

I questioned myself. The dolefulness was eating my brain like a red squirrel eating walnuts. I could do nothing except cursing this hacker. I was just sitting in my room in low-spirited and asked myself what does the hacker get to do all this? Everything seemed pitch-black and my eyes could see nothing out of the ordinary. My elder sister sat around beside me to console me in a flash.

In nothing flat some of her words emotionally touched my soul. She said that girls in our culture are just known in the name of tolerance.

“We girls need to bear the society and it rules upon us. Girls in our society are told to be idlers and loafers who take random pictures. We often see girls are cursed when a photo of them gets viral on air.” She continued saying in all ways girls’ desires are to be buried.

I questioned myself why? She told that we [girls] live in such a society when a girl’s photo goes viral unintentionally, the masses put different say and try to defame them.

“Keeping in view the potential of a young and powerless Baloch girl like me, we need to avoid taking photos.” She ends up in smiles.

Her words took me in deep thought. What if I were among those who never mind sharing pictures in media? What if I would get nothing but at least would never hesitate to click pictures and easily face these hackers?

This is the story of 95% of girls in my society who hesitate clicking pictures just due to the fear of losing people, respect and honor in the society.

Alas! We girls are born to have the galleries of mobile empty. A PHOTO made into nothingness. The art of photography and dream exists in no GALLERY…

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