The book “Energy Addict” is written by an American author Jon Gordon in 2004. This book has been sold throughout the globe with the translation of several languages because of its uniqueness.

Energy Addict is all about the secret of living a healthy and joyful life. The book is enriched with precious and valuable tips about living a wholesome life with full of joys and happiness. It contains above 100 chapters and each chapter suggests attractive physical, mental and spiritual ways to energize the life in one way or another.

The book highlights the major causes of the increasing of various diseases and also suggests the best ways to remain healthy until we are alive. One of the main reasons of spreading illness which is described in this book is that the people do not have knowledge when, how and what to eat actually.

Indeed, this is the book which acknowledges one about the proper way of taking meal, as it is nicely quoted by the writer, “Take breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince and have dinner like a child.” In addition, it tells step-by-step that what those things are which help us to remain energetic all the day, and also this is the book which details us about living a proper life.

Furthermore, no one can deny the fact that one of the biggest problems which is proved to be a scourge in the developing world, is unhealthiness. If we put a glance towards the world, without any doubt we can get millions of people are dying and millions of them are deprived of healthy and joyful lives.

In fact, the hospitals are found among the busiest places in the societies and the main reason of this trouble is lack of awareness about the health maintenance. Most of the people do not know how to protect and look after their health and how to avoid diseases.

Thus, I found this book very informative, helpful and too easy to be understood. Therefore, I recommend every individual to take out time for reading this book no matter how busy they are. It is essential to live a peaceful and healthy life_ full of happiness and joys in this short life.

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