When it comes to a student’s life, it refers to studying in schools, colleges and universities. Like all other phases of life, student’s life has its own peculiar joys and sorrows, its own responsibilities and worries.

A student carries immense responsibilities on his shoulders. He seems to have a free and easy time, because he is not called upon to earn money, but knowledge.

In simple words, students are dependent on their guardians. They know how hard it is for their guardians to pay for their educational expenses, and no wonder many of them have to combine earning with learning.

A student’s life is also marked by a deep idealism. As pointed out earlier, students are away from the hard struggles of life; they do not know how ideals fly away at the touch of reality. They have hope and courage, and they want to make the world better. Whenever there is a famine or a flood, it is easy to enlist the services of students. They are here, there and everywhere, trying to do their little bit for suffering humanity.

Another important feature of a student’s life is the sense of team-spirit. Students are young men and women full of high spirits. They organize socials, musical soirees, dramas, cultural festivals and sports and games. If we go to the football ground, we find that the majority of players and spectators are students.

Men work by themselves and look to their own interests. But students are always for their classes, their schools or colleges and their teams. It is this loyalty that makes all their ventures enjoyable. If we go to see a students’ match, the shouts and cries of the enthusiastic spectators are often more interesting than the skill of the players.

To be very short, a student’s life is a period of preparation. They may join politics, take part in sports and games or engage themselves in other extra academic activities, but they must know that all these are not ends in themselves but part of a training that will fit them for the greater works of life.

They must not lose themselves in these other activities in which they can take part in a spirit of detachment. These may be good in their own way, but these must not be allowed to absorb all their energies.

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