Sports hold an immense role in modern era. It is essential for every individual to take part in sports which helps in maintaining good health and happiness of the minds.

There are several sports in Balochistan which involve football, cricket, hockey, badminton and etcetera. Unfortunately, the players within Balochistan are not playing in the country level because they are not valued as much as other provinces’ players are. In fact, the players from Balochistan are more talented than the players of other provinces, but still they are not given due opportunities to show their potentials.

On the other hand, the sport clubs are less in the province. Sadly, the present clubs are in poor and awful conditions. The sports funds are distributed annually by the sports authorities, but the released fixed amounts never reach to the clubs.

So, we appeal to the government to remove the grievance of the Baloch players and work on promotion of sports in the province.

Arsalan Sayad
Turbat kech

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